Ten Elements

The Ten Elements of The Way

Life-long Learning

  • Daily Bible reading.
  • Study of Celtic, Desert and other Saints
  • Memorizing of Scripture
  • Learning through creative arts.
  • Reflecting on daily experiences.
  • Living what we learn – not simply an academic exercise.

Spiritual Journey

  • Sharing with a Soul Friend.
  • Walking in the footsteps of Jesus.  Where he is leading us?
  • What is the Spirit doing in and through us?
  • Regular retreats for quiet and reflection.
  • Pilgrimage to sacred sites                                                                                       

        – “Places of resurrection”

        –  Communities of Prayer

Rhythms of:


  • Regular prayer practices, old and new.
  • Discovering new and creative ways of praying.


  • A gift from God.
  • Balance between paid employment, voluntary service, routine chores – all offered to God.
  • Resist pressure to over-work, which robs ourselves, others, and God.


  • Including rest and fun.
  • Holy use of creative flow.
  • as valuable as work and prayer.

Spiritual Initiatives Through Intercession

  • Praying for God’s will in God’s world.
  • Engaging in intercessory prayer.
  • Affirm wider initiatives in intercessory prayer.

Simple Lifestyle

  • Avoid judging others
  • Hold before God and our Soul Friend our  finances, possessions, and talents.
  • Celebrate in God’s good gifts.
  • Regular and generous giving.
  • Hospitality.
  • Resist overload and clutter.

Care for Creation

  • Affirm creation as essentially good though     spoilt by evil.
  • Respect, care for, and restore.
  • Stand against all that violates and destroys.
  • Celebrate, bless and meet God through creation.

Healing Fragmented People & Communities

  • Renounce self-sufficient autonomy.
  • Invite divine love into our own and others’ wounds.
  • Seek conflict resolution and the healing of wounded group memory.
  • Seek wholeness for individuals and peoples.

Openness to God’s Spirit

  • Allow God to take us where the Spirit wills.
  • Cultivate inner silence.
  • Affirm proper and appropriate use of   the gift of prophecy.
  • Learn to listen to God.


  • Repent of our part in divisions within  the Christian Church.
  • Honor Christianity’s God-given strands and seek to weave them together again.
  • Consider fellow Christians as “pilgrims together.”
  • Resist all that damages unity or raises barriers between people and the church.
  • Seek solidarity with people of all faiths  in everything except sin.


  • Share our faith with a heart for those estranged from Christ.
  • Speak out for the poor and the powerless, and promote justice.
  • Oppose false teaching through love, sound argument, prayer and demonstration of God’s power.
  • Encourage indigenous faith communities.
  • Dialogue with those in authority to establish God-led lands.

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