Igniting the Flame

Download and take with you the Information, read over and consider taking the class.

Igniting the Flame (ItF) is a foundational Celtic Christian Spirituality course that has been created for anyone seeking to restore order to their life, trying to find a deeper spirituality, or wanting to make a more positive contribution to life in general.

The course material has been designed to help you understand the benefits of a well thought out Way of Life. It is a wide-ranging course and makes many suggestions for additional reading, as well as building on readings from the course book, New Celtic Monasticism by Ray Simpson (see below for more information). This additional reading should provide you with a resource for the future, as well as extending your experience as you work through the material.

It is our hope that at the end of the year of study and practical application you will feel you have gained in all sorts of ways – able to go forward confidently on your journey and benefit from whatever the future holds.

Information Regarding the “Igniting the Flame” (ItF)Course:

Enrollment: Fees and Pertinent Information:

  • The course cost is $50.
  • *The course book – New Celtic Monasticism by Ray Simpson – may be purchased directly from us for $35 and a copy will be mailed to you. Reading the book prior to taking the course would be most helpful.
  • The ItF Course is open to all interested individuals, whether or not they are vowed members of CA&H. In addition, it is NOT a prerequisite for any vowed level of CA&H.

Curriculum Information …

  • The year-long course will be offered quarterly during each calendar year.
  • The course material will be emailed to each student by unit. There are a total of ten units. Each unit takes approximately two to three weeks to complete.
  • There are four assignments that need to be submitted to your Tutor on set dates. As detailed in the course material, each assignment may take the form of music, craft, or artwork, in addition to a written response.

Soul Friend/Tutor …

  • Having a Soul Friend or Anam Cara will be critical to the success of this study.
  • Prior to the beginning of the course, a Tutor will be selected for each student. The Tutor is not there to grade or critique – but rather to receive your assignments, give you feedback, and suggest avenues to explore.
  • If for any reason the relationship between Student/Tutor is not compatible, contact the Course Coordinator as soon as possible and we will do our best to pair you with someone with whom you can more easily relate.

Communication …

  • Routine Zoom meetings are held every 6-8 weeks, giving students the opportunity to interact with each other and discuss course material.
  • All assignments will be submitted by email unless other arrangements are made with your Tutor.


Enrollment in Igniting the Flame is open to everyone but is limited in number.  For additional information and registration, contact ItF Coordinator Cindy Helton at cynthiahelton@hotmail.com

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