Our Mission

The Mission of the Community of Aidan and Hilda (CA&H) is for the healing of the land through  men, women and children who draw their inspiration from the Celtic saints.

The healing of the land is accomplished through reconciliation between the peoples of our nation — by means of our relationship with God in Jesus Christ, our relationship with one another and our relationship with the earth, the garden of God. These relationships are fragmented and the equal fragmentation of the Body of Christ reflects the wounds inflicted by sin on all creation.

Through our Community, we seek to develop a life-style which blends all aspects of Christian experience. Celtic Christian spirituality is the means by which we seek this unity. Though begun in the Anglican tradition, membership is open to members of all denominations. Our statement of faith is that of the historic statements of the Body of Christ, the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds.

The resources offered by the Community are primarily liturgies. They include forms of morning, midday and evening prayers, special services for the feast days of Celtic saints, and other resources such as graces, healing prayers and services for use in the home. While these resources are contemporary works, they draw heavily from the prayers and values of Celtic Christianity.

The Community is run by volunteers. Most of the proceeds from the sale of resources and donations are used to support retreats and related scholarships.

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