Is the Community of Aidan and Hilda a Celtic Church?
… No. The Community is a resource ministry that provides resources for Christians of all denominations. There are a number of communions that base their spirituality on that of the early Celtic Christians. While we endeavor to support them in many ways, we do not plant churches nor sponsor them.

Isn’t Celtic a New Age spirituality?
… Not at all. Most spiritualities that describe themselves as New Age involve a kind of syncretism, taking elements from a number of religious sources. The Celtic Christians were exclusive in their loyalty to Jesus Christ. Saints like Patrick, Samson, Columbanus and Gall put their lives at risk by denying the local deities and proclaiming Jesus as Lord. Many contemporary religions such as Wicca and the Druid revival can provide no historical records to confirm their self-description as “Celtic.” What little we know of the Celtic pre-Christian religion has no parallel in contemporary New Age spiritualities.

With what denomination is the the Community affiliated?
… The Community is non-denominational, or more accurately, ecumenical. Members and friends of the Community of Aidan and Hilda come from Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Anglican and charismatic traditions. Back to top.

Can the Community assign me a soul friend?
… Because of the personal nature of the soul friend relationship, the Community does not assign soul friends. It would be similar, in our understanding, to assigning you your friends.  (see Soul Friend tab for more information)

Does my soul friend need to be a member of the Community?
… No. Your soul friend needs only be familiar with the Aidan and Hilda Way of Life and supportive of your own desire to follow it. (see Soul Friend tab for more information)


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