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Books by those on a journey with the CofA&H

Podcast Link – An Interview with Ray Simpson by Forrest Inslee


Link to Podcast – An Interview with David Cole (Brother Cassian)

Paul John Martin: Congratulations to Teresa on this great achievement. She is a Voyager, and Member of our US Caim (servant leadership). It’s worth reading the glowing review by Kenneth R McIntosh, Voyager and author of many books, most notably “Water from an Ancient Well.”

There are number of authors from the community there at the Anamchara Bookstore. The following is a sample.

David Cassian Cole, December 11 at 8:51 AM Facebook : It was wonderful to join with numerous others last night via Zoom for the official launch of Stella Durand‘s latest book, where Ray Simpson gave a beautiful talk on it, and today my copy arrived in the post!! I am looking forward to using this over 2021 as daily inspiration!Stella is one of the two Guardians for the Irish branch of CA&H, and Ray is the Founding Guardian of the global Community. Both are good friends!

I have not been able to find on Amazon at the time of placing the book here on the site. The following link take to the recommended site.

During lockdown I have managed to complete a new anthology of prayers and poems and liturgies. It includes a new daily Office for three prayer moments of the day and also a 7-day Celtic Pilgrimage liturgy for
Morning and Night Prayers. The latter is a distillation of liturgies I have been writing for pilgrimages to Celtic Holy Sites which I have been hosting for the last ten years.
As one of the co-Founders of the Community of Aidan and Hilda, Russ Parker has been involved in the development of the Community’s Rule of Life. His particular contribution was writing on the subject of the Healing of the Land. He has also been writing various liturgies for over 25 years.

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