The Celtic Advent Retreat with Simon Reed

The retreat was a success and not having had a retreat for a number of years this was very much an accomplishment. Also adding a virtual element for those who could not get to the physical location at St Christopher Retreat and Conference center in South Carolina, was appreciated by all online. Simon Reed and the other presenters did a wonderful job.

I personally would have liked to have experienced walking the Labyrinth that was set up for the guest that were there in person. And also walk and explore the beach. One day maybe.

Simon Reed and the other speakers did a wonderful job for all and the following videos will give you an opportunity to experience that which was offered for the participants to learn and experience. The quality is not the best but is a good keepsake of the event.

Here are the Zoom participants, we are grateful that this option was provided. It was a challenge for the facilitators but we Zoom participants appreciated the opportunity to be there and be present at the event.

In the afternoon there were a few options given to explore. There was the opportunity for a session with Nancy Woodworth-Hill on the Mandala and Lynn Galliano – Mindfulness in Advent.

Here are other resources of Nancy’s check them out
Here is Lynn’s new adventure: Check out her website

Paul Martin Presenting

The worship time sounded wonderful, unfortunately, Zoom didn’t like the music so much, and it cut in and out, occasionally crackling. You can forward to time stamp 20 minutes to hear Simon Reed’s talk.

Dale Custer takes Voyager Vows

Don Hill – The Community Newsletter Editor does a wonderful job of reviewing the Celtic Advent Retreat check it out below.


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