Way of Life


ST HILDA’S DAY, November 17, 2022.

Each year on the Feast of St. Hilda, November 17, vowed members of the Community of Aidan and Hilda renew their vows as Explorers, Pilgrims, and Voyagers. Ideally, we gather in community to do this – electronically or in person. A personal reflection on the actual vows we make, before gathering together, will make the service of renewal more meaningful.

We reaffirm the vows we have made after a period of self-examination and review of our Way of Life. During the weeks leading up to our renewal of vows, we prayerfully review what we have written as to how we will observe the 3 Principles and 10 Waymarks. We consider how we have engaged in these specific practices and how we have failed to engage them. We make this review and revision (if needed) with our Soul Friend. If our life circumstances have changed significantly over the past year, we are well-advised to consider how these changes impact what we focus on in our Way of Life in this new season.

As we prepare for the renewal of our Way of Life or take steps toward writing our lives’ rhythms.
I was reading Simon Reed’s book and found it very helpful. I have extracted some of the paragraphs that stood out for me.
I hope Simon does not mind. This gives a taste for you of this wonderful book.

Peace and blessings

Mark Condy – Pilgrim CofA&H-USA

There is a document on the subject at end of the Blog – put together by Paul Martin (Long Voyager)


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