About the CofA&H Logo and other thoughts

CofA&H Logo – Merchandise

A logo is like a banner or a billboard. What is it saying – what are we saying?

I’ve been thinking and to me, the colors are the green of the shamrock, the gold of the daffodils, and the purple thistle. Blessings, Esther-Marie Nagiel~Guardian CofA&H 

I have also been pondering the logo and it makes me think of the time the illuminated manuscripts were being created. This was in a dark period of time in history. The bright colors are vibrant to lift your spirit and bring hope, light, and illumination in a time when light, love, and hope were needed. Then like now we are in need of hope, illumination, and inspiration. The Celtic saints are this to us in the Community of Aidan and Hilda. They were men and women ablaze with the spirit of God. Mark Condy ~ Pilgrim CofA&H

Celtic Christianity is about being present at the moment, being open to the Wild Goose or the Holy Spirit as you may be more familiar with knowing the third member of the Trinity. With the help of the Wild Goose, you can be open to the flow of blessing that has been given.

You have a choice to choose from blessing or curse, and this is why there are many prayers for you to choose from in Celtic Christianity. You receive blessings when you are open to the favor of God and have a positive mentality anticipating the possibilities there are for you. Have confidence that the Lord is for you, and not against you. Then there is the possibility that you can fall prey also to the negative supernatural forces. Thus the reason for you, and all mankind, to be given the Lorica or Caim prayers for protection against evil.

There are daily choices given to you, you need to choose to believe and trust God. These daily decisions have a faith element, action is needed. There is also a choice to take action and no action is also your choice. The reason for the feeling of melancholy in Celtic music, I believe. is due to their awareness of the mix of darkness and light. You can see in Celtic art, the illumination, the light countering the darkness. The light gives hope. You have seen the hardships of evil influence, or apathy, hearts growing cold, wars, destruction, no thought of care or love, but selfishness, a lust for more and harsh conditions in life. This is when the poor are forgotten, and the widow and elderly are viewed as worthless. This is why we need a new LAW to be established once again. The acronyme L= Love. A= Acceptance, W= Welcome. This has to be woven into society one more.

There are dangers that are present in the world, uncertainties, war, and natural disasters. This was in the past and is also in the present. This opens us to vulnerability, and the threat of attack, the possibility of failed crops, failed projects, disappointments, and disillusionment are some of the very reasons for the need for these prayers of protection. Seeking the favor, blessing, and protections from the trinity, to know God is with us, not allowing fear, doubt, or disappointment, to keep us separated from the presence of the Divine.

There is an enemy that desires that you be alone, Isolated, vulnerable, weak, and helpless. This makes you easy pickings to be taken down and destroyed. Loneliness, to feel alone. Puts you in the perfect place for attack, being an easy target. The enemy does not desire that you have connections in the community or to draw close to people and God. Isolation, wrong thinking, and wrong perceptions can push us away resulting in and hindering us from re-establishing connection and blessing once more.

There has to be a reawakening to the spiritual and it is not solely wrestling with the flesh and blood there is an interconnection with the physical and spiritual realm and sacred places and spaces, knowing there were places that were known to be hallowed ground and locations that were known as “Thin Places” where the connection was palpable and real, this intersection with the divine and the human.

“For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life.” Ephesians 2:10  NRSV                         

Can you imagine you have walked and talked with God in heaven agreeing on your role to play, and that it was recorded in your book of life? Is it possible that every moment was laid out before us before a single day had passed, we agreed on this journey together, and now it is our quest to remember, we get glimpses given by the Lord, God knows the outcome! These glimpses we record in our journal, to remember, as we can so easily forget. We at times forget, not remembering to believe, to have faith, and remind ourselves that all things are possible for those who believe, we do need a friend to bring things to mind, this is the wild goose, helping us to enter into what we are destined to accomplish.

We can have confidence in the knowledge that we can say. You Lord go before me and ahead of me and also follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head, you know my thoughts and are familiar with all my ways, you discern my every action, we can’t flee from the Lord. Look further into Psalm 139. Reflect on the whole Psalm sometime, here is a segment to contemplate.

Always ask the question what is the drive, the motive, in every aspect of our lives?

What is this compensating for or as a substitute for not turning to Jesus Christ?

Thoughts by Mark Condy


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