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The Community of Aidan and Hilda in the US is a dispersed, ecumenical body drawing inspiration from the lives of the Celtic saints. Our members seek to live out Christianity as a complete and holistic way of life. Though geographically dispersed, we each live by a common Way of Life, with a soul friend (anamcara), and in a rhythm of prayer, work and rest.

New Release By Ray Simpson

A myth is reviving in the USA, which recent research validates, that Saint Brendan voyaged over three thousand miles from Ireland to America to evangelize it, but when the Indians near the Mississippi welcomed him, he realized Jesus was already there. In humility he returned home. In contrast, USA missions have taken a colonial approach to evangelizing Native American tribes, requiring converts to rubbish their culture and accept white culture as Christian. This book discerns the Creator’s imprints in indigenous tribes. It identifies some fault-lines in USA (and Western) society and church, e.g., white supremacy, manifest destiny, and the twin towers of empire-building and separatism. Churches need to repent of these false gods. They need to break free from the prison of consumerism and become open to the prophetic spirit. The book also explores the Creator’s imprints in white American culture, and the Christian spirituality of the Euro-Americans’ “indigenous” forbears, the Celts. The book outlines ways in which, in these fading decades of Western supremacy, and despite polarization, indigenous, settler, and immigrant peoples may journey together as modern followers of the Way. Those who rise to this challenge undertake a new Brendan’s Voyage and create a new American dream.



Ray Simpson Contemporary Celtic Christianity



New Facebook Page!

The Caim unanimously agreed to the launch of a closed Facebook Group, “Pilgrims on the Aidan Way,” for active Explorers, Pilgrims (USA), Voyagers and Long Voyagers for the worldwide CA&H. Be sure and check out this out.

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The Wild Goose

Community of Aidan and Hilda, USA
Newsletter – Nov, 2020.

Community of Aidan and Hilda, USA
Newsletter – Nov, 2020.

The Wild Goose

Community of Aidan and Hilda, USA
“Special Edition” – May, 2020

During the latest gathering of the Northwest Community, Tom Cashman wrote and shared a poignant reflection that his group felt strongly should be shared. I couldn’t agree more … and since this speaks to now, it should be heard now rather than waiting until August for our next edition. Tom is Soulfriend Advisor and Community Soulfriend living in Kent, Washington (USA).


During these days of Covid Captivity we have given up many activities that nurture us – both creature comforts and the joys of interaction with friends and family. We have taken on much of the lifestyle of the hermit.
Most of us live with a partner or family and so are not totally isolated. But we have had to strip down our daily routines to a spartan few and are indeed isolated from friends and extended family. For such a time as this, we are hermits — let’s call ourselves Celtic hermits — at least to a degree.
One favorite metaphor I use from time to time in spiritual direction is that of the hermit crab. This metaphor doesn’t work as well in Minnesota or Montana as it does here on the West coast. But we here know that the little hermit crab we find in tide pools is unique in that it has no shell of its own. It lives in the abandoned shells of other critters. Sometimes the fit is awkward and that is what is different, unique and fascinating about the hermit crab. Pretty obvious why it was named “hermit.”

This housing arrangement works well for the hermit crab until it outgrows the shell. At that point it must abandon the old shell and go out naked and unprotected in search of a new larger shell. During this dangerous liminal time some of these little guys get eaten. But many survive and find a new shell and resume the cycle of life again.

We are all getting a crash course in liminal time – a term we have heard about so often. This is it. In this strange liminal time we have left the world we have known and are in transition to a new (normal?) world we do not yet know.

We don’t know and can’t know how this will end. Let me extend the metaphor to the Celtic monks who set off in flimsy coracles to “find the place of their resurrection.” How’s that for serious liminal time!
The risk is real. The promise of new life, perhaps a resurrected life on the other side, is also real. The presence of Christ with us on the journey is also real and assuring as we risk travel through dangerous times.
Actually, there is really no other choice for us as pilgrims.

Igniting the Flame Course

New Enrollment Opportunities for “Igniting the Flame”

We are very excited to announce that enrollment options for upcoming Igniting the Flame classes are being expanded.  This foundational Celtic Christianity Course will now be offered quarterly, rather than just once a year, so you will have multiple opportunities to enroll.  (Be sure to check tab for more detailed information.) 

The aim of this year-long course is to:

  • Introduce you to Celtic Spirituality
  • Give you time to try out new or forgotten ideas as you experiment with different aspects of approaching a Way of Life
  • Help you to put into practice the decisions you make, and to adjust them as necessary
  • Equip you with the confidence to go on exploring and refining your Christianity

You will need a computer with online access to receive your course material, and a copy of New Celtic Monasticism for Everyday People by Ray Simpson.  You will have a personal tutor, plus the opportunity to have access to a private “chat room” where students and tutors can post and reply to each other as a form of communication.   There will be four assignments to complete in a timely manner throughout the year. The course cost is $50.  You may also purchase the book directly from us for $27 and a copy will be mailed to you.

Enrollment in Igniting the Flame is open to everyone, but is limited in number.  For additional information and registration, contact ItF Coordinator Tom Johnson at ITF.Coord.Tomj@gmail.com.   

The House that John Built

John, beloved disciples of the Lord:
pray with us.

Fathers and mothers of the Desert,
people of prayer and bringer of wisdom:
pray with us.

Martin, saint of Tours,
builder of communities of hermits,
living simply, loving God;
Martin, soldier of Christ:
pray with us.

Ninian of Whithorn,
apostle and example:
pray with us.

Patrick of Britain,
missionary to the land of Ireland:
pray with us.

Brigid, compulsive giver,
lover of the poor, Brigid of Kildare:
pray with us.

Columba of Iona, exiled from Ireland,
abbot and scribe, lover of Christ;
Columba now the gentle;
Columba of the Church:
pray with us.

Oswald, king and saint,
willing interpreter of the Gospel truth;
Oswald, man of prayer:
pray with us.

Aidan, emissary from Iona;
gentle and straightforward;
torchbearer; liberator of slaves;
Aidan of Lindisfarne:
pray with us.

Hild of Whitby,
firm leader of both men and women;
renowned for your counsel and insight,
releasing others in their giftedness;
Hild, woman of courage and faith:
pray with us.

Cuthbert of Northumbria,
hermit and joyous worshipper;
man of prayer and spiritual warfare;
patient minister of reconciliation;
Cuthbert of the people:
pray with us.